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Inspiring with Stories

Our Mission

Day Moon productions was created by Michael Mori Fishman in 2016 for the love of love filmmaking (and I couldn’t cut it waiting tables). Since I was young, I enjoyed using my camera to help the people in my life find a platform to share the stories that really mattered to them. Today video is currently the most highly consumed content online. Unfortunately, much of that content is cheaply thrown together and mildly entertaining at best. We are here to create visually spellbinding, dare we say seductive content that will grip audiences and have them saying “did you see that__*your company* __ video?!” at the water cooler. We effectively balance production time, quality, and client communication to insure that we deliver exactly the content you need.

In addition to uplifting your profits we are also very passionate about uplifting our community in the greater Seattle area. We have dedicated time and resources to various non profits and community organizations dedicated to assisting marginalized communities. I was born and raised in seattle and love this community!



Have you ever heard a song so many times you forgot why you liked it? That's how many of us feel when we are flooded with the same video content and the same stories on the social media and the web. That's why we strive to inspect your story from every angle and find the most captivating of lenses to share your story through (literally and figuratively).



“The Medium is the Message” to quote famed advertiser Marshall McLuhan. We believe that a great story is only as good as the platform used to share that story. That’s why we maximize our production coverage to allow for strategic adjustments in editing so we can optimize your content to any platform.



We use our cinematic wand to cut through the mold offering visually captivating content that jumps off the screen and grips your viewers. Don't ask how we did it, simply enjoy the fact that magic exists.