Lights, Camera, Full Coverage

Bring your event
into focus

Make your Livestream better than in person. Day Moon Productions will bring you broadcast quality 4K streaming to elevate your live events. WE integrate to any streaming platform including Zoom, Facebook, and Youtube. We see the new social distancing parameters as a new opportunity to provide a different kind of livestream. Using the same techniques used in broadcast television we provide livestream programming that will engage your audience, suprise and delight them!


Staged Production

  • Multi-camera setup

  • Motion Graphics

  • Pro Lighting and Audio

Live Stream

“The Medium is the Message” to quote famed advertiser Marshall McLuhan. We believe that a great story is only as good as the platform used to share that story. That’s why we maximize our production coverage to allow for strategic adjustments in editing so we can optimize your content to any platform.


Post Stream Content

We use our cinematic wand to cut through the mold offering visually captivating content that jumps off the screen and grips your viewers. Don't ask how we did it, simply enjoy the fact that magic exists.

Some of our many streaming platforms