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Day Moon Productions

hello. salut. g’day. sup!

or in other words, I’m so happy you’re here.

I’m Michael Mori Fishman, founder of Day Moon, and I’m all about projecting your story—and the way you want to say it—to the world!

Day Moon reflects my love for both filmmaking and astronomy. Much like the magical illusion of catching a glimpse of the moon during the day, an unforgettable film should act in the same way—to surprise, excite and create a sense of wonder. And that is what you can expect from Day Moon videos.

I started Day Moon in 2016 to create visually spellbinding, dare I say seductive content that will grip audiences and have them saying “did you see (your company’s video?!” at the water cooler. By balancing production time, with quality and superior communication, you can count on getting the professional content you want with consideration for SEO, timing, verbiage, formatting, platforms, lead capture, and more. Plus, with a streamlined process, you’ll also receive the most impact for your bottom line.

More than just video production- I’m dedicated to working with small businesses in the greater Seattle area, as well as supporting sub-communities including POC and LGBTQ populations.

As a business owner and as a human being, I believe it’s important to not only lift ourselves up, but to also lift up the communities we live amongst. While I’m grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given, not everyone has been dealt the same cards. And, while we can’t change the past, I want a part in moving toward a more inclusive future with greater spread wealth and happiness. For this reason, through Day Moon, I’ve dedicated time and resources to various non-profits and organizations dedicated to assisting marginalized communities. Working with a diverse group of people has now only been enriching, but has added to my story-telling ability as well.
Drop me a line. I’d love to get to know you too!

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Have you ever heard a song so many times you forgot why you liked it? That's how many of us feel when we are flooded with the same video content and the same stories on the social media and the web. That's why we strive to inspect your story from every angle and find the most captivating of lenses to share your story through (literally and figuratively).



“The Medium is the Message” to quote famed advertiser Marshall McLuhan. We believe that a great story is only as good as the platform used to share that story. That’s why we maximize our production coverage to allow for strategic adjustments in editing so we can optimize your content to any platform.



We use our cinematic wand to cut through the mold offering visually captivating content that jumps off the screen and grips your viewers. Don't ask how we did it, simply enjoy the fact that magic exists.