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3, Feb 2020

Seattle Videographer Blog

20 Surging Video Trends To Blow Up In 2020

This is my list of the 20 most innovative and high tech trends that I predict will be worth your time and energy to learn and implement for a successful content marketing strategy in 2020

  1. Higher Resolution
  2. a6000 camera

    With high quality mirrorless cameras such as the sony a6000 going on the market for under $600 many consumers have access to impressive equipment allowing for even simple talking head bloggers to look more sharp online.

  3. Platform Focused
  4. A big issue in previous years was the lack of accommodation by filmmakers for multiple video platforms using the same video. The aim is to make videos look as good on instagram tv as they would on facebook. Marketers and filmmakers alike are getting privy to the technical side so expect more videos to perfectly fit the various video players.

  5. Use of Interactive Elements
  6. More and more marketers are finding video the most effective way to get directly to the consumers. As technology advances on platforms like vidyard it’s becoming even easier to get viewers to become active.

  7. Improved Data Collection
  8. It’s no surprise that the use of data science will continue to infiltrate just about every industry and video is no exception. Video tools featuring AI now allow for not only an easier time tracking viewership but additional tools to make the video creation process even easier such as the Adobe Premiere reframe tool.

  9. Increased Use of Vertical Video
  10. verticle video

    Vertical video is going to be hugely popular with the ever increasing popularity of IG and facebook stories. Marketers are going to start optimizing content specifically for vertical smartphone viewing and less on the horizontal movie position.

  11. More Vlogs
  12. The popularity of content marketing through video is no longer a secret and it seems like everybody and their mom is going to have some form of vlog or become forgotten. Regardless of video skill, anyone can talk to a camera and the effectiveness continues to get proven time and time again by the sheer mass of profiting youtubers.

  13. Hyper Targeted Videos
  14. With the clusterfuck of videos all over the web it’s difficult to reach a mass audience. Therefore many marketers are really honing their content to hyperspecific niches and focusing on smaller audiences with specific interests.

  15. Increased Text in Videos
  16. Studies have shown at least 50% of people will watch an entire video without sound making the need for text even more important.

  17. Shoppable Videos
  18. shoppable video

    Sites like pinterest and instagram have been using shoppable images for years and now this technology has evolved to work with moving pictures. This allows for even greater customer interaction making it even more convenient for them to click buy.

  19. Video Ads On Webpages
  20. Anyone who has googled a recipe knows how common video ads are on these recipe pages. Expect to see more of these types of ads which may even begin to show on google search pages.

  21. Stories
  22. The popularity of IG stories continues to be favorable among users especially among millenials and other frequent IG users.

  23. Long Form Videos
  24. Much like how longer motion pictures allow viewers to develop more of an emotional connection to the narrative, longer form digital content allows for deeper connection with it’s viewers. For this reason you can expect to retain 30% of viewers at the 15 minute mark. Even though a much larger percent will be retained at the 2 minutes (around 50%) the folks who stick around for the longer video will develop a much stronger connection with the brand which generate significantly more conversion.

  25. 360 Degree Video
  26. The novelty of 360 degree video has not worn off and, in fact it’s use has slowly increased over the past several years. Full length films and video shorts are getting produced in this format and with VR becoming more and more attainable to the general consumer this technology has a bright future.

  27. Easier Searchability
  28. google search with video

    Google has announced they are developing AI that generates search results which include video and more specifically snippets from a designated video with information that relates to the search. Some may have noticed already that a search may turn up a youtube video that will start midway in, immediately bringing the relevant snippet to you.

  29. Expanded Use of Educational Videos
  30. DIY culture is taking over and the ease of access to educational content online is in large part to thank for this phenomena. The sheer popularity of educational and training videos is likely to continue growing so plan on keeping your viewers educated.

  31. More Variable Video Sizes
  32. Mobile phones, tablets, laptop, cross overs, projectors; with all these popular platforms being used it’s becoming more and more essential for content marketers to generate content that looks good on whatever device you use, not just mobile.

  33. Emphasis On Showing Over Telling
  34. An old rule of thumb from film school is now becoming a rule of thumb for digital marketing. Especially since 50% of viewers watch videos on silent making it even more important to have effective visual storytelling.

  35. Live Video
  36. While facebook live has gone the way of the Dodo, the novelty of live video lives on through IGTV, Livestream and video game focused platforms like twitch.

  37. Video Chatting
  38. While not specifically for video marketing I felt it important to mention the popularity of video chatting has been increasing beyond just facetime. Platforms like Zoom video are increasing in popularity with business teams and for corporate meetings.

  39. Drone Video

  40. dron flying

    The use of drone photography is primarily used for real estate videos however the wow factor generated from an aerial view is becoming more prevalent in other industries for digital marketing.