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11, Nov 2019

Seattle Videographer Blog

How to crush your video reviews at record speed

The most time consuming part of film production for clients is the reviewing process. Among all of the other tasks on your plate this can be one of the lowest prioritized. This quick snack of a task can be the pick me up you need to get the rest of your tasks done. I’ve created a frameworks and worksheet to help you make the necessary edits.

The most useful tool at your disposal is the video timecode this is the most effective way to communicate where to make an edit to the editor. Make a bullet point list with the time code next to the changes you want made and voila, you have a great list for your editor. Timecode image

  • :03 change the title to Oswald font
  • :12-:28 cut out
  • 2:32-2:53 cut out replace with take from the other day
  • :43 I didn’t like that take can you use one that talks about the financial benefits
  • 3:02 Closing shot is too slow can you use some quicker shots

Things to keep in mind when reviewing

  • Fluidity of video
  • Audio levels of speakers vs Music
  • Accurate branding
  • Proper spelling
  • How long does the video need to be
  • Is it talking to the audience
  • How will this look on the platforms they will be viewed on

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