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Video stratagest plannign for 2020 in seattle

20 for 2020

20 Surging Video Trends To Blow Up In 2020
Feb 2, 2020

20 innovative and high tech trends that will be worth your time and energy to learn and implement for..

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Ripped videographer flexes in swimshorts while holding camera on gimbal

Lean Video

Achieving ultimate value from videographers
November 11, 2019

When working with a videographer it’s important to understand that unlike many services video involves equal parts technical ability and artistry. You are asking for something that does not yet exist.

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cheap seattle video blog article

Harnessing Craigslist to dig out the best videographers

Tips and tricks to snipe the best talent for your budget on CL
November 12, 2019

Often times when hiring a videographer there is a serious time crunch and with it a sense of urgency that can make finding the right videographer quite challenging. I’m writing this from..

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video production cost breakdown

What’s under the hood:

An inside look at video costs and how to save in the process
November 20, 2019

If you are like many who have caught on to the video trend in 2019 for your organization you may have found that the cost of video can greatly vary by project and videographer.

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The length of a film should be directly related to the endurance of the human bladder - Alfred Hitchcock
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How Not To Choose A Location For Your Video

A simple guide to quickly decide where to shoot
November 23, 2019

Why should you care about location when you can have your hired videographer figure this out for you. Time and money. Not ha

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reviewing video content

How to crush your video reviews at record speed

Quick tips to make reviewing fast and easy
November 28, 2019

The most time consuming part of film production for clients is the reviewing process. Among all of the other tasks on your plate this can be one of the lowest prioritized. This quick snack of a task

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Corporate case study video article

Compac Tomra with Stemilt Growers

Corporate Case Study
September 6, 2019

For this project we teamed up with Compac Tomra to create a corporate case study for their long time partner Stemilt Growers right here in Washington State. We were tasked

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corporate interview video article

Metis Data Science

Corporate Testamonial / Explainer
June 4, 2018

Metis is a nationally renown data science boot camp and training facility. DayMoon was brought on board to create an effective testimonial video by interviewing recent

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Cottage Lake Gardins

About Video
May 22, 2017

Cottage Lake Gardens, a well-respected botanical garden in the Woodinville area hired us to create an about video to share their story and their mission with the world. This botanical

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Kick Starter / Explainer
October 16, 2017

The DASO Soccer Smart Wall is an advanced soccer training tool for elite athletes to track and hone their skills. This film was created to

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Real estate drone video production

Andy Sather Real Estate

Real Estate Video Tour
April 7, 2019

We were hired by Andy Sather, a top selling Luxury Real Estate Agent and affiliate of John L Scott, to produce a visually engaging tour that displayed the unique

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Seattle Terrors

Social Media Promotion
April 7, 2019

Seattle Terrors is a brand new ghost tour in Seattle that hired Day Moon Productions to help establish their presence as one of the best tours in the area and a spooky good

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