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Day Moon Productions collaborates with local Seattle area businesses to cook up sweet, sweet video content optimized for streaming and social media. We specialize in brand videos, social media content and advertisements. We prefer clients who proudly support local business and organizations who share our vision to uplift our local community and underprivileged subcommunities including POC and LGBTQ. If you don't take our word for it ask our past clients:


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  • Brand Videos

    A documentary style about video communicating your brand story, values and identity to your community

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  • SM Content

    Short form videos specalized for any social media platform. Whether you need something creative, attention grabbing, informative, or SHOCKING... we can deliver and deliver quickly.

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  • Advertisements

    Hey you! Do you have a good and or service that you would like to sell to the masses via TV, internet, or QVC? We have you covered. Broadcast ready, viewer approved, and market tested. Need we say more.

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  • Corperate

    Training videos, showcasing, presentations, live event coverage, and content curation. Our marketing background makes client management and communication a top priority while delivering a quality product on time, under budget with the highest level of professionalism.

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